Old Wool Rug

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  • Old Chinese Art Deco Rug Handmade 243cm X 304cm 1920s 1f46
  • Old Sultanabad Handmade Persian Rug 323cm X 463cm 1880s 1f35
  • Old Handmade Afghan Baluch Rug 122cm X 172cm 1910s 1c502
  • Antique Caucasian Kazak Rug Handmade 125cm X 192cm 1870s 1b665
  • Oushak Old Turkish Rug Handmade 122cm X 183cm 1880s 1f39
  • Carpet Old Orient China Very Well Ancient 345x300 Cm Handmade 100% Wool
  • Ancient Persian Oriental Rug
  • Old Prayer Rug Afghan Baluch Handmade 90cm X 146cm 1900s 1c529
  • Collection Turkmen Balouch Old Carpet Collection 91cm X 161cm 1880
  • Handmade Antique Rug From Uzbek Khotan 189cm X 394cm 1900s 1b681
  • Stunning And Old Oval Rug Handmade Pure Wool Asia
  • Old Persian Carpet Qum Handmade 211cm X 341cm 1920s 1f38
  • Fr-2551-pillow Rug Cicim Couple Old Wool 35x35 Cm Farah1970
  • Old Woolen Rug. Year 60. 150 X 72 Cm
  • Ancient Carpet Morocco Rabat Early 20th Oriental Rug Tribal Early 20th
  • Carpet Nomads Kelim Chobi Afghan Old Style 201x298 Cm 100% Wool Woven At The
  • Handmade Old Persian Rug Sarouk 97cm X 155cm 1920s 1b670
  • Old Thick Wool Rug Geometric Pattern Early 20th Century Art Deco Carpet Design